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Gary D. Bevers

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Mr. Bevers brings more than 26 years of leadership experience in marketing, product branding and business development to Bevers & Co. Since 1995 his focus has been on developing, deploying, and marketing Internet, eCommerce and eBusiness Solutions for the Downstream Petroleum and Petrochemical marketplace. Mr. Bevers heads product and market development for innovative eSupply Chain Management solutions designed to facilitate stakeholder collaboration and increase downstream distribution efficiencies. He is actively involved in driving XML/EDI data standards for the Petroleum Industry and in delivering technology solutions that deliver cost effective benefits to all Downstream Trading Partners.

Previously, Mr. Bevers developed Internet based eBusiness solutions for TETRA Technologies, an Oil & Gas Production Services company, and focused on product marketing and branding for Exxon Chemical where he personally received their “PRIME” Marketing Award of Excellence for 1996.

He most recently worked on market and product development for the TAKGroup for their Private Trading Hubs and web-enabled Fuel Management solutions. Before that he worked with the DTN Energy and two Petroleum Dot.com start-ups, DownstreamEnergy.com and FuelQuest.com. This gives him an extensive experience base in the downstream petroleum market for ASP Technology service providers and supply chain management.

Organizations & Committees

  • Conexxus; Chair for the Fuels Committee
  • API/PIDX; Executive Chair for Education & Promotion, Standards & Downstream eBusiness Committees
  • SIGMA; eCommerce Task force, Information & Education, Marketer Operations and Membership Committees
  • NACS; DD&R XML Task Force, eB2B (product codes & documents) Standards, Device Integration Standards, Payment Systems Standards and POS Back Office Integration Standards Committees
  • PMAA; Numerous State Association eCommerce Committees
  • NPRA, NPECA, NPGA, ILTA; Member, Conference Speaker
  • Articles and White Papers: NPRA, API/PIDX, NPN, IGM, NACS, JPM, PMAA
  • Editorial Boards; Publisher Fuel Marketer News, formerly National Petroleum News and IGM Magazine